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George Worthington of Computer Force passed a tip to James Wagner of Alliance Adjustment Group
My name is James Wagner from Alliance Adjustment Group Public Adjusters, and I have been a member of LeTip of Doylestown for 14 years. As a Public Adjuster, I work on behalf of policyholders, when damage occurs to their property. Recently, fellow LeTip member George Worthington of Computer Force referred me to a friend of his who was having a difficult time with her insurance claim. The insured had a toilet tank crack in her 1st Floor Powder Room, which allowed water to run, all day long, while she was at work. When she returned home from work, she discovered water all over the floor of the power room, as well as her basement. The continuously flowing water, from the ruptured toilet tank, had apparently spilled into the heating vent on the floor in the Powder Room, and into the basement below. The insured immediately called the insurance company and told them, when she arrived home from work, she found her basement flooded. The insurance company denied coverage for the claim, stating that flood damage is not covered under the policy. Thankfully, fellow LeTip member George Worthington referred her to us.

I met with the insured at her home; talked to her about the facts and circumstances of her claim; and immediately started working to overturn the denial she had received. After weeks of technical negotiations with her insurance company on her behalf, I was able to illustrate that the insurance company's denial was improper, which resulted in a property damage settlement in excess of $27,000.00. The client was not only thankful to Alliance Adjustment Group, but was also grateful to George Worthington for getting us involved.

I consider myself privileged to be a member of LeTip of Doylestown. It's like having 75 additional salespeople out on the street, promoting my business. The above example represents just one of many claims Alliance Adjustment Group has handled for fellow members and/or their clients, during my many years in LeTip. If you are looking to increase your business, I highly recommend joining LeTip of Doylestown. Feel free to contact me at with any questions you may have. Thank you LeTip of Doylestown for years of continued support.

James Wagner, President,
Alliance Adjustment Group, Inc.

Scott Nickett of Nickett Landscaping passed a tip to Harry Haagen of Haagen Painting
I would like to give you a LeTip of Doylestown tip story from Haagen Painting & Paperhanging, Inc.   We received a tip this year from Nickett Landscaping for the exterior painting of Carson Helicopter.   Harry went out and met the owner (who was very nice) and walked the job with her.   She went over everything that she wanted done and we called her with the estimate the next day.  With no hesitation she asked me to send it in writing and she would return it with a deposit.  I thanked her so much for the opportunity to work on the project and told her she would be thrilled with the end result. Mrs. Carson said that she had no doubt about that because everyone that had been referred to her from Letip of Doylestown had exceeded her expectations.  Haagen Painting received a large month long exterior job  and Mrs. Carson felt very confident because of all the great experiences she had already had with its members.    It was a wonderful tip and a great experience.  She was kind enough to take us all for a tour of the business and show us all the helicopters and explain to us how her husband had started the business in the exact building we had painted with just one helicopter.  It was a great job and we are thankful to Scott Nickett for thinking of us.  This is how well Letip works. 
Definitely “Dollars In Your Pocket”.
Barbara Haagen


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